Ashada Mara was Saint empire queen from year 56 C til it's end in year 3BW. She is born in year 23 C.

Biography Edit

In year 23 C Eleonore Ordragor gave birth to Electra Ordragor. Electra's mother died one year later, so Electra don't knew about her mother. Her father Lord Largo Ordragor. In year 25 C he married and had three more daughters. She was very angry on her father, because of that he thought that Electra is obstacle to happiness. In year 29 C Electra killed one of her sisters. Her father was worried about her and ordered to put her in prison (she was only 6 years old). She was in prison til year 39 C, when she escaped. She was in love with Lennear and in year 44 C, she gave birth to Nele. In year 49 C she understood that Lennear is Forsaken spy. She killed Lennear, she wanted to kill Nele too, but she was kidnapped. In year 50 C she killed her father and put her sisters-in law in prison to die. In year 56 C she became leader of United Nations and queen of Saint empire in the same year. She led Saint empire til year 3 BW, when it failed, but United Nations she led til year 5 BW, when it failed. In the same year Alath cursed her. And in year 8 BW she died.