Earth nation


90 000

Earth nation is nation, which lives in Grom the longest time period. Their history as it is with Air tribe is written in the chronicles, only these chornicles are trustful. They bend Earthbending and live in many monarchies around the Earth landmass.

Appearance Edit

Earth nation people have mostly brown hair. They are taught to dye hair in yellow, purple and red color. Their eyes are yellow, green or black. Their average height is 160 -180 cm for man, 150 - 170 for woman. Their clothes can vary, but most of them wear white, brown or green. Some of them are with blue stripes, because of that Water empire took Earth nation the first and than other nations.

History Edit

Earth nation as other nations was conquered by Water empire til Destroyer era. Than they founded Earth kingdom, they were in conflict with Fire people creating many wars. In year 82 TE their kingdom failed and separated in many duchies.

Faith Edit

People who live here believe to many faiths, except Onoraho. To see what faiths does Earth nation believe to see: Earth nation faiths.

Demography Edit

It is currently unknown, how many people lived before year 58 C. It is known that there were many census before this year, but information about them is confidential, as Earth king says it.

Year Population
58 C 110 000
11 BW 90 000

Culture Edit

They lived in harmony with nature. When Alangalar Twujian became king industrial revolution. After this event they stopped to live in this harmony. They have celebration in every month, because of the seasons.

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