Forsaken City


Halla Tor




20 000


18 000 - Forsaken 2 000 - Undead

Forsaken City is city which is founded soon after Jilein battle. It is main stronghold of Forsaken race. It is located in the Forsaken cape, on Demen Isle. City is center of Forsaken culture.

Locations Edit

University of magics Edit

University of Magics is Forsaken main magic school. School is located behind Terrorwing palace in a high tower. Magics learned in this school is more powerful than in other schools, but it's also more expensive. Although it is available only for Halla Tor.

Angerfang park Edit

Angerfang park is a park located near University of Magics. Also it is located behind Terrorwing palace. Park has many alleys and trees. In this park are located class trainers, vendors and flight master.

Terrorwing palace Edit

Terrorwing palace is the main building in the Forsaken City.

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