Jilduire was wife of second Fire lord - Gnudard Gill. She was mother of Fire lord Nordil Gill. She had powerful earthbending abilities.

History Edit

Little is known about her children years. But it is known that she is born in year 77 in First era. She is born somewhere in Earth kingdom. Her grandfather came to Fire empire to work as a ambassador. In year 92 her grandfather died and she went to burry him. In year 98 she married with Zao Nadirr. In year 103 her husband died with tubercolosis. In year 107 she married with Gnudard Gill. She was very happy with him. She did many reforms and improved the quality of life. In year 132 she had a son - Nordil Gill. She died in year 149. Gnudard built a mausoleum for her at Viniho island. In year 151 Gnudard started to build Jilduire.