Quilara is first known woman as The yellow council' member. She lived from year 4 TE - 83 TE. She was representator of Southern Air Temple. She was a person that was a member of The yellow council the longest time. She joined council in year 53 TE and was member til her death. She had visions. Her visions said that there will be greater times for Air tribe and than will start a great evil, a great force, new fear from unknown.

Temple Last Sun Temple Northern Air Temple Souhern Air Temple Eastern Air Temple

84 TE

None None None None
83 TE Hanil Tri

Alanula Ula


82 TE Hanil Tri Magnumar Quilara Ladnurk
81 TE Hanil Tri Alanula Ula Quilara Ladnurk
80 TE Hanil Tri Badar Cjigon Quilara Ladnurk
79 TE Hanil Tri Badar Cjigon Quilara Ladnurk
78 TE Hanil Tri Tanla Quilara Avirp
77 TE Hanil Tri Ugo Chiraq Quilara Avirp
76 TE Hanil Tri


Quilara Avirp
75 TE Hanil Tri Zad Chalang Avirp
74 TE Ungnan Tri Zad Quilara Avirp

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