Red order flag

Red order flag.

Red order was an order that is founded at the start of First War. At the beginning it' members was only from Fire nation. It' members tried to stop the war. Than it invited many members of other nations. When there was too much members of other nations it separated into Green order. As of that Air tribe was best friend of Fire nation, it joined Air tribe to Green order. Red order became destructive. It became Earth kindom' tax-collector and army. When was start of Second War it tried to destroy Fire empire. It started to dispute with Green order. Now Red order is name for Earth kingdom' and Water monarchy' army. It is an enemy of Green order. It has real power in Earth kingdom. In Earth kingdom they're more powerful than it's ruler. It has many betrayers. If Fire empire attack Earth empire they'll do nothing to stop attack. Also it has many orders, that was dependent of it:

Red order failed in year 92 TE, at the end of Silver War.