Vanda Tri was wife of Ungnan Tri. She lived from year 22 TE til year 123 TE.

Biography Edit

In year 22 TE she borned in rich family of Fire people. In year 29 her family bancrupted and parents died, because of massive problems. In year 30 TE members of Fire people wanted to kill her, so she ran away to Air tribe. She lived very poor. In year 39 TE she founded Last Sun Temple. In year 40 TE West Sun Temple failed and all members of ir came to this temple. In year 47 TE she married Ungnan Tri and gave birth to Hanil Tri. Her life was peaceful til year 85 TE, when Alichi Tri killed her husband and son. In year 89 TE she created Cape of Memories and Garden of Lonely Souls, than she retired.

Personality Edit

She was a powerful master of Firebending. She had a very peaceful and haronic nature, and she always was truth. She likes nature. She likes art and she was most popular artist of the Grom. She created many monuments in the world as Cape of Memories. She can make good relationship with everybody.

Relationship Edit

As she can make good friends with everybody she don't have enemies except Alichi Tri and his family. Alichi telled everything about his motives of killing her family and his father. He also said that she can live peaceful as long as she wants. She has a friend - Ach Ushar. She planned to marry him, but than he died. She lived lonely even til year 123 TE.

Creations Edit