War against Forsaken was a war between Fire people and Forsaken. It started in year 49 C, when Fire people attacked them.

The War Edit

Jillein Battle Edit

In beautiful spring night Forsaken wakes up hearing war horns. It is start of Jillein Battle. They stands on their foot and in the beginning even wins Fire people, but than Fire people takes their leader and kills him. In this battle they losed. They escaped to newly created Demen Isle, where they soon founded Forsaken City.

Battle for Demen Edit

This was battle when Forsaken in case of losing will be destroyed as a race. They won Fire people killing most of their soldiers, and destroying their fleet. After this battle they conquered many territories in Fire continent they never got back. Battle ended in early 50 C.

Undead battle Edit

Forsaken are able to use much more powerful magic, they're also powerful alchemists. At the beginning tey wanted to destroy their army again using this spell, but their wizard was kidnapped. He destroyed cage, where he was and escaped from prison. While this happened Forsaken lost many territories in Fire continent. Sixar came and spelled the curse. Many of them became Undead. They escaped from battlefield and later joined Halla Tor, because Fire people don't want to take them back. After this battle Forsaken got much more territories and war ended soon after this battle.